Asya Toprak

In 1977, it started its activities with the production of bricks and tiles,
Since 2015, it has concentrated on brick manufacturing.

In the time that has passed;

Significant progress has been made in both production capacity and product quality. Since 1998, the partnership structure has been simplified and with the decision to become an A.S., it has started to have a say in its region. Our products have become a sought-after brand with their quality (frost resistance, pressure resistance, mould smoothness, etc.). The production raw material is blended from local shale and non-sandy soils and made ready for production after resting for at least one year. Therefore, problems such as hunching due to the high gravitational effect of the raw material, which can be seen in other brands, and problems such as stone waste caused by the raw material not being well filtered or the stone in it not being fully extracted are not seen in Asya Toprak products. Our products are baked with specially blended quality coal at 900-950 C. It has high frost resistance and low water absorption rates. Therefore, it does not contain moisture and dampness. Soil building materials are durable and healthy building materials with high quality of life.

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